‘90% will fail’ to solve this brain teaser. Can you find the answer? | Trending

There are several brain teasers that might seem easy to solve but can actually prove to be tricky. However, if you think you are the master of solving puzzles, we have a challenge for you that might leave you perplexed.

Do you think you can solve this question? (Instagram/@@mathscine)
Do you think you can solve this question? (Instagram/@@mathscine)

The question was shared by the Instagram handle @mathscine. The question states if one and a half apples are equal to 60, two oranges are equal to 10. Then what will be the final value if you multiply two apples and half an orange? (Also Read: Brain teaser: You have only 5 seconds to solve this simple maths puzzle)

Will you be able to solve this problem?

Take a look at the brain teaser below:

This brain teaser was shared just a few hours ago. Since being posted, it has been viewed more than 22,000 times. The share also has over 300 likes and numerous comments.

Many people shared varied answers in the comments section. A few said that the correct answer is “200.” Some others said, “400” and “85” is the solution.

Earlier, another such maths-related puzzle had caught the attention of the internet. The question read, “Solve maths puzzle in 5 seconds. If 2÷3 = 10, 8+4 = 96, 7+2 = 63, 6+5 = 66 and 9+5 = ?”

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