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Anand Mahindra took to X to share an interesting post after the launch of Aditya L1. In his share, he reimagined the tale of Icarus to show his reaction to India’s maiden solar mission.

What are your thoughts on Anand Mahindra's post about ISRO's Aditya L1 launch? (Isro, FIle Photo)
What are your thoughts on Anand Mahindra’s post about ISRO’s Aditya L1 launch? (Isro, FIle Photo)

“‘Don’t fly too close to the Sun’ comes from the Greek legend of Icarus who flew fatally near the sun, and is used to describe TOO MUCH ambition. Thanks to @Isro: ‘Let’s fly close to the Sun’ will mean that we should lift our ambitions even HIGHER,” the business tycoon wrote. He also shared a video of the lift off that took place at Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

Take a look at the solar-mission related post by Anand Mahindra:

The post was shared just a few hours ago. Since being posted, it has accumulated close to 3,800 likes. The share has also received several comments from people.

“That’s a fantastic reimagining of the Icarus tale! It seems like ISRO is taking a page out of Daedalus’ book but writing their own ending. After all, even the sky isn’t the limit when you’re reaching for the stars,” wrote an X user. “ISRO making India proud yet again,” added another. “Indian flag flying high,” posted a third.

About ISRO’s sun mission:

Aditya-L1 is India’s first solar space observatory. It is carrying seven different payloads that will conduct a detailed study of the sun. The spacecraft will be placed in “halo orbit”. It will take the spacecraft about four months to reach “the Lagrange point 1 (L1) of the Sun-Earth system, which is about 1.5 million km from the Earth.”


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