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Brain teasers and puzzles is the kind of thing that people of all ages might enjoy solving. It can keep a person busy for hours, and sometimes even days. And if you’re also someone who enjoys solving these puzzles, we have a question for you.

This brain teaser is viral on social media.
This brain teaser is viral on social media.

This brain teaser was shared by Instagram page @topviraloffical. The question states, if the value of three apples equal 30, one apple and two bananas equal 18, one banana minus one coconut equals 2 then what is the final value of half coconut, one apple and one banana? (Also Read: Brain teaser: You have only 5 seconds to solve this simple maths puzzle)

This post was shared a while ago on Instagram. Since being posted, it has been liked various times. The share also has numerous comments. Many people took to the comments section of the post and shared their answers. A few said “16” and “14” can be the solution.

Earlier, another brain teaser had gone viral on social media. It featured the puzzle, “If AAA + AAB + ABB + BBB= 1974.” Then what is the correct value of A and B?

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