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A heartening video of two elephants reuniting with their ‘dear friend’ has gone viral on social media. It shows how the elephants were seeing a man after a month and how they couldn’t contain their excitement upon seeing him. Since the video was shared on social media, it has garnered numerous responses.

Snapshot of the man with elephants. (Instagram/@Good News Movement)
Snapshot of the man with elephants. (Instagram/@Good News Movement)

The video was shared on Instagram by the page Good News Movement. It shows a man standing in shallow waters and waiting for the elephants. As soon as the elephants spot him, they come running towards him. (Also Read: Sneaky cat snatches food bowl from dog. Watch how the pooch reacts)

In the caption of the post, Good News Movement wrote, “After spending a month in Canada, this man returns to the elephant sanctuary and is met with an exuberant welcome from the beloved herd.”

The page further added, “Their sheer joy and excitement are palpable, as they celebrate the return of their dear friend. Witness the heartwarming moments as the herd expresses their love and happiness. It’s a testament to the deep bonds that can form between humans and elephants.”

Watch the video here:

This post was shared on November 14. Since being posted, it has been viewed more than 1.3 million times. The share also has numerous likes and comments.

Check out what people are saying about this post here:

An individual wrote, “Eyes well up with tears, heart full, feels wonderful- this is pure happiness.”

A second said, “Their voices, their greatness, their gentleness, their ability to make me howl like a baby. Could not get enough of this, glorious.”

A third commented, “Man was quite calm for the fact that literal elephants are running at him.”

“The purest kind of love,” posted a fourth.

A fifth shared, “Such a beautiful moment of love friendship and trust.”

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