Fears over more civilian massacres as Russian troops retreat north


    Ukraine has accused Russia of committing “war crimes” after the bodies of hundreds of civilians and mass graves were discovered in Bucha, just outside of Kyiv.

    Dead bodies found on the street appeared to show signs of torture and close-range gunshot wounds.

    The shocking images came to light following the withdrawal of Russian forces from areas surrounding the Ukrainian capital.

    Authorities say they have found more than 400 bodies. Moscow “categorically denies” responsibility for the killings but says it will launch an official examination based on what it calls Ukrainian “disinformation”. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Bucha today and denounced the murder of civilians.

    “In the houses, in the apartments…many corpses remain”, Sergii Nykyforov, Ukraine’s presidential spokesperson told Euronews after his visit with Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the liberated town on Monday.

    The extent of the carnage in Bucha is still unknown as efforts to clear the town of Russian explosives are ongoing. “Bucha is not safe yet because teams of national police, military – they’re searching for bombs, they’re searching for explosive materials, they’re searching for other dangerous objects”, Nykyforov told Euronews.

    There are also fears that, as Russian troops retreat towards the Belarus border, similar massacres could occur in other towns on the way. “There are some other towns and cities that are further from Kyiv to the north and we are afraid that there, we’ll find something similar”, said Zelenskyy’s spokesperson.

    There has been widespread condemnation of the images that have emerged from Bucha — which have been described as horrifying.

    Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sanchez says the footage shows “signs of possible genocide”, while French President Emmanuel Macron called for harsher sanctions in response to the killings.

    President Biden said what’s happening in Bucha is outrageous.

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