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Cats, just like humans, cherish their sleep. Waking them up from their peaceful slumber can make them grumpy. When abruptly awakened by its human, a cat exhibited that very mood. Not just that, the irritated kitty went on to angrily scold the human for waking him up.

Reaction of the grumpy cat after being woken up from sleep. (Instagram/@Cats With Their Tongues Out.)
Reaction of the grumpy cat after being woken up from sleep. (Instagram/@Cats With Their Tongues Out.)

Originally posted on TikTok, the video later found its way to Instagram. It gained traction when shared on an Instagram page called Cats With Their Tongues Out. The page is filled with several clips that capture the adventures and antics of different cats. This video of a grumpy cat is posted with a simple and yet caption that reads, “Do not disturb the 14th nap of the day under any circumstances.” (Also Read: Cat’s hilarious reaction to man cleaning windows will make you chuckle)

The video opens to show a text insert flashing across the screen. “I accidentally turned the lights on when he was sleeping. Now, he is super grumpy,” it reads. In the video, an individual approaches a cat perched on top of a chair. The next shot shows the cat looking at the camera and meowing loudly as if scolding the human for waking him up.

Take a look at this video of the grumpy cat:

The video was shared on September 3. Since then, the clip has accumulated close to two million views. The share has also received tons of likes and comments.

What did Instagram users say about this cat video?

“He has work in the morning,” posted an Instagram user. “He had a lot to say about that!” shared another. “I feel the same way about lights,” commented a third. “You should be ashamed. How else will he have the energy to attack your feet and jump on your head in the middle of the night if this is what he has to put up with?” expressed a fourth. “Oh, you’re in trouble!” wrote a fifth. Many showed their reactions through laughing out loud emoticons.

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