Jackie Shroff on India name change: ‘Naam badlega, hum thodi badlege’ | Bollywood


Actor Jackie Shroff knows that whatever the country’s name may be, its people will always be the same. At an event in Delhi on Tuesday, Jackie was asked for his opinion on the buzz around India’s name change to Bharat. Jackie delivered some words of wisdom in his trademark style. (Also read: Kangana Ranaut reacts to name change buzz, says she predicted it years ago)

Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff knows the people of India and Bharat will be the same.(AFP)
Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff knows the people of India and Bharat will be the same.(AFP)

‘Hum thodi badlege’

Speaking to the media, Jackie said at the Planet India campaign event, “Bharat bolna koi buri baat toh nahi hai. India hai toh India hai, Bharat hai toh Bharat hai. Mera naam Jackie hai, mujhe koi Jockey bolta hai, koi Jaykee bolta hai. Mere naam ko itna todd dete hain par main nahi badluga. Hum kaise badalege? Naam badlenge hum thodi badlege (There is nothing bad in calling it Bharat. India is India, Bharat is Bharat. My name is Jackie but some people call me Jockey of Jaykee. They mess up my name but I won’t change who I am inside. Names could change but we won’t).” He was holding a potted plant in his hand as he said this.

The invitations extended by President Draupadi Murmu to heads of state, government, and chief ministers of states for an official banquet during the G20 Summit in New Delhi sparked a row as the word ‘India’ was replaced with ‘Bharat’.

Rather than the customary ‘President of the Republic of India’, the term ‘Bharat’ was used, triggering speculation within political circles, particularly among members of the Opposition INDIA alliance.

Amitabh Bachchan, Kangana Ranaut on Bharat

A day before Jackie’s statement, Amitabh Bachchan’s latest tweet caught the attention of fans. Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), Amitabh wrote in Hindi, “Bharat Mata Ki Jai,” seemingly showing his support for the name change. Kangana Ranaut also celebrated the name change, happy that the country was finally giving up its ‘slave name’.


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