Jon Batiste and Silk Sonic take home essential prizes at 2022 Grammys

    Jon Batiste and Silk Sonic

    Jon Batiste and Silk Sonic take home essential prizes at 2022 Grammys

    At the 64th Grammy Awards, which came about Sunday in Las Vegas, the most prizes have been spread among a number of winners, inclusive of Jon Batiste, Silk Sonic and Olivia Rodrigo.

    By the numbers, the night time time’s biggest winner became Jon Batiste, who took home the majority of his five awards in what the Grammys call the advanced ceremony, the pre-telecast event throughout which the significant majority of prizes are given out annually. In a hard and fast of 10 heavy-hitting contenders, Batiste received album of the one year for We Are.

    Batiste moreover received pleasant American roots universal overall performance, pleasant American roots song, pleasant score soundtrack for seen media (which tied with Carlos Rafael Rivera’s score for The Queen’s Gambit) and pleasant music video for “Freedom.” Batiste had led the Grammys this one year with 11 wide-flung nominations inclusive of pleasant cutting-edge classical composition.

    “I clearly placed my head down and art work on the craft everyday … It’s greater than amusement for me, it’s far a spiritual practice,” Batiste said in his reputation speech for album of the one year, shouting out the opportunity performers nominated withinside the category. “Be you, it actually is it.” He moreover stressed that there are no “pleasant” artists or albums, as an opportunity that “it’s far like a song or an album is made and it almost has a radar to find out a person after they need it the most.”

    Before selecting up the album of the one year prize, Batiste moreover gave a jubilant, technicolored universal overall performance of his song “Freedom,” dancing and most important performers off the extent and into the goal goal market, in which he finished the song jumping atop the table in which Billie Eilish became seated.

    The throwback R&B act Silk Sonic — led thru the duo of Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars — received four awards: report of the one year, song of the one year, pleasant R&B universal overall performance (in a tie with Jazmine Sullivan) and pleasant R&B song of the one year.

    Mars is a Grammy favorite. This became his 1/3 win for report of the one year, and his remaining solo album, 24K Magic, swept the top lessons four years ago. Silk Sonic made its television debut at remaining one year’s Grammys with “Leave the Door Open,” which may gather awards withinside the direction of 2022’s awards show.

    “Because of you guys, me and Andy are going to be creating a track this song forever!” Mars said in his speech accepting the number one award of the night time time for song of the one year. “Rest of our lives,” echoed Anderson .Paak, who later joked, even as accepting each different award for the equal song, that it became hard for the duo to “stay humble.” Silk Sonic opened the Grammys with their universal overall performance of “777,” a turning into ode to the ceremony’s 2022 location: Las Vegas.

    Singer Olivia Rodrigo took home the prizes for pleasant new artist, pleasant pop vocal album and pleasant pop solo universal overall performance. She had been nominated for seven awards. Rodrigo completed her hit “drivers license” at a few level withinside the show, set in competition to the backdrop of a suburban street in form with a real car. The 19-one year-vintage singer-songwriter teared up throughout her reputation speech as she regular her pleasant new artist award, telling the goal goal promote it became her “biggest dream come true.”

    Jazmine Sullivan took home Grammys, inclusive of pleasant R&B album for her album Heaux Tales, after being nominated for Grammy Awards twelve times in advance than prevailing at this one year’s ceremony. “I do now no longer understand what I heard, I almost did not take into account it,” Sullivan said in her reputation speech, appearing greatly surprised after her name became referred to as for pleasant R&B album.

    Foo Fighters received three Grammys, sweeping all the non-metal rock lessons. But the band, who had previously been scheduled to perform at a few level withinside the telecast, retreated from public view after the surprising lack of existence of its drummer, Taylor Hawkins, at age 50 on March 25 even as on tour in Colombia.

    The telecast of the 64th Grammy Awards became, in general, a zippy, suitable-humored night time lightly peppered with awards indicates and generally full of feel-suitable performances. But the night time took severe turns, with a heartfelt In Memoriam section that commenced out with an extended tribute to Hawkins followed thru a medley of songs written thru Stephen Sondheim and a taped glance through Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
    In his emotional message, Zelenskyy spoke about the plight of his people and of his country’s musicians, “who have traded their tuxedos for body armor.”

    President Zelenskyy’s remarks have been followed thru John Legend’s universal overall performance of “Free,” which moreover featured Ukrainian musicians Siuzanna Iglidan and Mika Newton further to poet Lyuba Yakimchuk.

    There became no singular issue depend taking walks through the night time time’s wins and losses, and even as there have been a few short nods to the intensity of remaining week’s Academy Awards, the Grammy’s rolled out smoothly. With best nine awards given out at a few level withinside the televised ceremony, the show gave a heavy interest to its wide-ranging performances.


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