Kirti Kulhari: The sense of being an outsider has gone weaker in 13 years

Celebrating 13 years in the film industry, actor Kirti Kulhari, is also making her international foray this year, with Sach Is Life. “It feels quite strangely beautiful that I’ve been around the industry for a good while, which feels like a lifetime. Honestly to me, the way work is today, I still get excited about it, it doesn’t feel like 13 years, it feels like yesterday to me,” she shares, reflecting on her time in the industry.

Kirti Kulhari talks about completing 13 years in the industry with Khichdi 2
Kirti Kulhari talks about completing 13 years in the industry with Khichdi 2

Known for her debut role as Parminder in Khichdi, the actor reflects on life coming full circle with its sequel, “It took almost 12-13 years for Khichdi to be remade, and I am glad that it’s finally happening. It was rather beautiful and surreal to play the role of Parminder after 13 years as I did earlier with my debut,” she expresses, adding that now her forthcoming international debut is exciting for her. “I feel absolutely thrilled that my career is moving to the international space now. It feels like a natural progression, right things happening at the right time. Things are falling in place now.”

Talking about her role in Sach Is Life, the 38-year-old tells us, “What really drew me was the fact that it was a true story, that I had never done before. It is a very challenging film and there are lots of ups and downs in every character’s life, especially Daisy Munshi, the role of a mother that I am playing. Now that I have met the family, it being a real-life person adds a little bit of pressure on me if I’ll be able to do justice or not.”

Furthermore, the actor also reflects on the changes in the industry from 13 years ago, to now. “The sense of ‘I am an outsider’ has gone weaker over the years, because I think I found my place in the industry. I am very comfortable with the position I have created for myself. There are a lot of women-driven stories now, which is a great shift in the industry,” she says. “In the past 13 years, my perspective towards the industry has become more professional. I don’t take things and people personally, I go and do my job and try to have a great time while I am at it. don’t expect that feeling of being a team and working together as a family, because you are together for a while and everyone finishes that project and moves on. It has become more professional,” Kulhari wraps up.

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