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A heartwarming story of a lost dog reuniting with his human after 12 years has left people emotional. Maricopa County Animal Care and Control took to Facebook to share the incredible story of this reunion.

Dog reunites with his pet parent after 12 years. (Facebook/@MaricopaPets)
Dog reunites with his pet parent after 12 years. (Facebook/@MaricopaPets)

The organisation wrote that a field officer rescued the lost dog named Minion. She was sad to see that the elderly dog was not just shy but didn’t wiggle his tail. Eventually, the field officer ran the dog’s microchip, and the result left her surprised.

Turns out, the dog was lost about 12 years ago. Soon, the officer got in touch with his owners. When he came to meet the pooch, the officer told him that the dog could be slow in recognising him, but then something amazing happened.

“However, once she opened up the kennel, Minion saw his family and instantly started wagging his tail and was clearly excited to be reunited with his family! They brought Minion inside and he was nearly running around with his tail wagging around the other dogs – he was home at last,” the organisation wrote. The post is complete with two images – one taken in 2011, before the dog went missing, and the other of the recent reunion.

Take a look at the post about the lost dog:

The post was shared on August 30. Since being shared, the post has received over 1,000 reactions. The share has also prompted people to post varied comments.

What did Facebook users say about this reunion?

“This just proves how important and successful microchips can be as long as phone numbers are current! Yay!” posted a Facebook user. “I’m not crying, you’re crying! Wonderful story. Times like this really make me wish dogs could talk so they can tell their stories!” added another. “Absolutely heartwarming! So important to put in the chips, and keep that information updated!” joined a third. “I love his story,” shared a fourth. “What an incredible story, now his senior years will be his best,” wrote a fifth.

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