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A video of a man cutting a cake in an unusual way has sparked a chatter among people. The clip shows how the man uses gym equipment to cut the cake and then goes on to taste it too.

The image shows a man cutting a cake using a barbell. (X/@Puneite_)
The image shows a man cutting a cake using a barbell. (X/@Puneite_)

“When you skip brain day,” reads the caption posted along with the video. The clip opens to show a man exercising with a barbell. Within moments, another man comes near him with a cake in his hand and places it on his chest. The exercising man goes on to cut the cake using the barbell and then licks the equipment to taste the food item.

Take a look at this video on X:

The video was posted on August 30. Since being shared, the clip has accumulated close to 33,000 views, and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, the share has received nearly 500 likes. People took to the comments section to share how the video left them disgusted.

What did X users say about the video?

“Hygiene left the gym,” posted an X user. “He legit licked that barbell! So many people must’ve put their dirty hands on it. Yuck!” shared another. “So much cringe,” expressed a third. “Ewww,” wrote a fourth.


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