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Poonam Dhillon has addressed the nepotism debate ahead of the debut of her daughter Paloma in Avnish Barjatya’s romantic film Dono. The film is produced by Rajshri Films and directed by Sooraj Barjatya‘s son. (Also Read: Dono trailer: Sunny Deol’s son Rajveer Deol and Poonam Dhillon’s daughter Paloma pair up in fresh rom-com. Watch)

Poonam Dhillon with daughter Paloma at the trailer launch of Dono
Poonam Dhillon with daughter Paloma at the trailer launch of Dono

Poonam opens up on nepotism

“There’s this thing in our industry that you have the reach, you’re a star… I’ve so much regard for the Rajshri banner, I’ve never worked with them. I’ve seen Sooraj ji’s films. Personally, I didn’t know him much other than ‘hello, hi.’ There’s no question of me calling Sooraj ji and telling him that my daughter wants to be an actor. That never happened,” Poonam said in a new segment released on the YouTube channel of Rajshri Unplugged.

Paloma auditioned for Dono

“They auditioned her multiple times. She went through the whole process like any newcomer. I think they auditioned a lot of newcomers. Six-eights months after the audition, she didn’t know whether she was selected. It feels sad to see the trolling and comments about nepotism online. These kids work as hard and go through as much struggle. You cannot take that away from them,” added Poonam.

“She got the part on her own merit. Today, it’s not possible for anybody, whether they’re from the field of dance or music, which producer would invest 30-50 crore on a kid whose not talented? So this is not at all a good argument, which some disgrunted and negative-thinking people have put out,” Poonam said.

She even drew an analogy to the medical field. “My sister is a doctor. Her son has become a doctor after 10 years, and a gold medallist doctor by his sheer hard work, right? Of course, the child gets inspired by her parents. Opportunities can come your way. But you cannot make it unless you work really, really hard,” Poonam concluded.

About Dono

Dono will mark the directorial debut of Avnish Barjatya and the acting debut of Paloma and Sunny Deol’s younger son Rajvir Deol. Sooraj Barjatya serves as the Creative Director on the film, slated to release in cinemas on October 5.

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