Sonnalli Seygall on first Diwali after wedding: It was really special

Actor Sonnalli Seygall was super pepped up about celebrating her first Diwali after her wedding with Ashesh L Sajnani, and flew back to Mumbai from Diwali just for three days to take part in the merriment. She says she was happy to learn all the traditions of his family from her mother-in-law.

Sonnalli Seygall celebrated her first Diwali after her wedding with Ashesh L Sajnani
Sonnalli Seygall celebrated her first Diwali after her wedding with Ashesh L Sajnani

“This is my first Diwali after marriage, and it feels really nice, intimate and special. Ashish has a big family. We have a Lakshmi pooja at our place, and then there will be a big pooja at his brother’s house. I am looking forward to being part of it,” Seygall tells us.

For this, the 34-year-old has taken few days off from her shoot for which she was in Delhi.

“I usually try to create a balance between my personal and professional life. But I have to admit that before my marriage, I was okay missing some of the occasions. Like if I had to work, I used to try to make it happen, but if things didn’t go my way, I was okay missing the occasion. But that is not the case today. At that time, I used to feel responsible towards my work more. Post my marriage, I feel equally responsible towards my family as well. There are many first festivals and I didn’t want to miss even one,” she says, adding, “I was shooting for a film in Delhi, and I gave them a heads up that I won’t be there during the festival time. They were kind enough to adjust. I will be in and out of Delhi shooting. I will be coming back to Mumbai to celebrate Diwali for three days, and resume work on November 13-14. This balance keeps me sane now”.

At home, she will be decorating her place with “loads of flowers, lights and diyas”. “Then I like to go big on pampering my loved ones, so I will be making healthier options for good food. I am planning to bring the thandai back on the table from Holi time. We will eat lots of good food, mithai and attend Diwali parties leading to the big day,” she says.

She is also looking forward to the “small pooja” which will be done by her mother-in-law. “She will show me how to do it. I am so excited to learn the traditions,” mentions the actor.

Talking about her special tradition with her husband, Seygall says, “He gives me a gold coin every year. I am hoping it continues. He packs it nicely and gives it to me, and it brings me a lot of abundance. That is our small tradition. In fact, this is the first time I am buying him a DIwali gift, which is a surprise for him”.

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