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Esha Deol has opened the gates of her family bungalow for a new home tour video. The actor shared unseen glimpses of the Juhu home she shares with mother-actor Hema Malini and family, during an interview with Bollywood Bubble. From paintings of Hema Malini and Dharmendra all around the house to customised cushions with their pictures, the house is a tribute to Esha’s legendary parents. Also read: Step inside Sonam Kapoor’s lavish 173 crore Delhi mansion

Esha Deol's given a tour of her family home in Juhu.
Esha Deol’s given a tour of her family home in Juhu.

Esha Deol gave a tour of the dance rehearsal hall, which also serves as a living room, and is done up in tones of orange and yellow. As she gave a tour of the dance-room-cum-living-space, Esha revealed that both her and actor-father Dharmendra love picking up ‘artefacts, fun and quirky things’ displayed around the house.

Inside Esha and Hema’s dance rehearsal hall

Esha said at the the start of the video as she entered the home, “We are here (Juhu) and we are in Bandra. We have two houses… This is the dance room, so you have to remove your footwear because it is our very sacred space… there used to be dance rehearsals with 20-30 dancers, my mom would get ready for shoots here, so seeing all that I have grown up… we got engaged here in this hall as it was sort of a hush-hush engagement.”

Esha married businessman Bharat Takhtani in 2012, and they share two daughters – Radhya and Miraya.

Esha Deol have a glimpse of Hema Malini's home office.
Esha Deol have a glimpse of Hema Malini’s home office.

Hema Malini’s office at home

Esha then gives a glimpse inside the home office at the property, which was stacked with massive photos of Hema Malini as well as some pictures of her with husband-actor Dharmendra.

There was also an old black-and-white photo of Dharmendra posing with a pregnant Hema during the shooting of one of their films. The awards won by Hema over the years were also displayed on wooden and glass bookshelves throughout the room.

Esha Deol inside her vanity room.
Esha Deol inside her vanity room.

Esha Deol’s make-up room

The actor also gave a tour of her outdoor vanity room, joking it is ‘like a garage’. “I love French doors, so I got a nice one put here,” she said. The room was filled with collectibles as well as poster and photos featuring Esha. There was also a poster that read, “In this home, everyone is a movie star… please enter in style.”

The room housed a huge mirror, and a table filled with makeup and related products for Esha to get ready before her shoots. Featuring a black-and-white colour palette, it opened to a small garden with a seating area. Some coffee table books were also displayed in front of a feature wall inside the room. Talking about the space Esha said, “This room is just for me to get ready. These two chairs are mainly for my daughters to see their mumma get ready…”

Esha Deol's home features a renovated living room as well.
Esha Deol’s home features a renovated living room as well.

Esha’s living room

Esha, whose production venture Ekk Dua has just been conferred with a National Film Award, spoke about the living room on another floor of the house, and said, “This place has been with us like this even before I was born. There’s some furniture here that my grandmother used…”

The entrance of the second living room had a huge mirror with golden frame and a matching console table. The recently-renovated living room came with a neutral tone and had comfortable mint green sofas. More seating with customised cushions featuring her parents’ faces was also on offer. The adjoining dining space was done up in a similar manner with striking light fixtures.

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