Suneel Darshan claims Sunny Deol owes him ₹77.25 lakh in 27 year-old case | Bollywood


Suneel Darshan has said that Sunny Deol never wanted to pay back the money that he owes him. In a new interview with Dainik Bhaskar, Suneel recalled how it all began 27 years ago in 1996. (Also read: Sunny Deol reveals he was meant to start Border 2 in 2015 but film got shelved)

Sunny Deol is currently riding high on the grand box office success of Gadar 2.(AFP)
Sunny Deol is currently riding high on the grand box office success of Gadar 2.(AFP)

How it all began

He said that Sunny Deol asked for the distribution rights of their film, Ajay, in 1996 when he wanted to start an international film distribution company. After convincing him to get the money from London, Sunny allegedly got some papers from Suneel and even promised to pay him later when he got the prints of the film from Suneel. The filmmaker further accused Sunny of ignoring his requests for the payment and would call him in various cities across the country – Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai. The actor would claim personal problems as the reason behind the non-payment.

False promises of dates, money

“Later, he asked for my help in the production of a film that he was working on. He said he’d do a film with me and adjust the dues in my payment after the film was completed. I had already done two films with Sunny and I believed him. Neither was the film completed, nor did I get any money. I ran after Sunny Deol for four years and he had some hits as well as some flops during that time. It was wrong, therefore I approached the court,” Suneel told the Hindi daily.

‘Sunny never intended to pay’

He added, “In the court, Sunny claimed he did not have the money to give me and promised to do a film with me. Then, he would ask for changes in the script or claim a lack of dates and never completed the film. Basically, he never intended to pay my money. It has been almost 27 years and I am still running around in circles for the court case. I tried my best for an outside-court settlement but it could not happen. This man is not even ready to respect the court’s verdict. The established amount (that Sunny needs to pay him) is 77,25,000. Sunny has set up a lot of property but forgot to return others’ money. I have faith in the law of the land and I hope to get my money back.”

After the feud with Sunny began, Suneel Darshan went on to work with the actor’s brother Bobby in three films.



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