Ukraine war: Russians ‘have advantage in east and south and could encircle Kyiv forces’


    The Director of the UK’s intelligence, cyber and security agency claimed that Moscow’s military command was descending into “chaos”, as its ground offensive appeared to slow.

    However, the Pentagon and NATO insist that Russian forces are regrouping in the east, rather than withdrawing from the north.

    To tell us more about the state-of-play in Ukraine, Euronews was joined by Bill Roggio, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

    Despite Ukrainian successes in the north, he said the Russians were regrouping.

    The fighting in the east and south of Ukraine was being ignored, he added, yet the Russians have the advantage in what is key strategic territory and threaten to encircle Ukrainian forces along the line of the Donbas.

    Watch the interview with Bill Roggio in the video player above.

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