Marvel Studios' new web series Moon Knight premieres today, March 30, on Disney+ Hotstar. Written by Jeremy Slater, Moon Knight stars, Oscar Isaac,

Moon Knight, which is touted to be intense, mysterious and thematically edgy, premieres today, March 30, on Disney+ Hotstar in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

Granted with Egyptian God, Khonshu’s ceremonial armour given to all of the God’s warriors through the centuries

Moon Knight is a vigilante who carries out his vengeance on earth. He has taken on Khonshu’s earthly avatar and his fist of vengeance.

Moon Knight was granted his special powers by the Egyptian God of the Moon and the self-appointed God of Vengeance

Moon Knight fights all perceived injustices as he carries out Khonshu’s orders and delivers vengeance on Earth.

The character of Moon Knight made its first appearance in Marvel Comics in August 1975 in Werewolf by Night #32.

In real life, Moon Knight’s human name is Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift-shop employee at the museum