‘This definitely hurts’: UConn women’s basketball nearly turns complicated season into national title

MINNEAPOLIS — With a towel draped over her bowed head, Evina Westbrook walked dejectedly where UConn women’s basketball players had always only danced

This was just moments after a 64-49 loss to South Carolina in Sunday’s national championship game

Westbrook stopped, leaned against a wall and slid to the floor, sobbing, inconsolable.

“I’m sure when we get back home there will be opportunities to reflect on all that transpired,

And they were smothered and bullied by a bigger and better South Carolina team that was ranked No. 1

Every college basketball player has an extra year of eligibility due to the pandemic, but there has never been an indication

Williams was 1-for-7 and scored a career-low two points. Westbrook shot 3-for-10 and scored seven points.

There are two guarantees on the final day of the Final Four. One team takes the stage and dances under confetti and passes around a trophy