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Bollywood’s evergreen beauty Rekha celebrates her 69th birthday on October 10. The actor, who has delivered hits such as Silsila, Umrao Jaan and Khoobsurat, is known for her undeniable charm and also her tumultuous life. (Also read: New book on Rekha looks at the Bollywood diva’s life with sympathy and awe)

Rekha celebrates her 69th birthday on Tuesday.
Rekha celebrates her 69th birthday on Tuesday.

Her love life was always a matter of discussion in tabloids and among her fans. She was married briefly to businessman Mukesh Agarwal in 1990, who died seven months after their wedding, by suicide. But years later, Rekha was still hopeful of finding love again.

For her perfect man…

In an interview in 2006, Rekha talked about finding Mr Right. “I’m not in denial. If I find someone who’s willing to share me with my fans, I might change my mind,” Rekha said. She even spoke candidly about all she would do for her husband. “If I had a man, I would just be devoting all my attention to that one person. I’ll take out his clothes, personally monitor his menu, prepare the lunch and personally deliver it to him.”

Rekha never had any kids and never even wanted them. “I do not miss children. Even if I find the ultimate man to have babies with, it would be very unfair to my priorities. Because if I have a baby, I won’t be able to focus on anything else,” she said.

Rekha’s luck with love

Her earliest crush was on one of her first co-star, Naveen Nishchal. Sadly, he never reciprocated her affections. According to an article in the National Herald India, during the making of Elaan (1971), Rekha was drawn towards her co-star Vinod Mehra, which even resulted in marriage. Vinod’s mother, however, was against this match and reportedly didn’t allow her to enter their home.

Rekha reportedly got close to actor Kiran Kumar, son of veteran actor Jeevan. Kiran agreed to marry her but Jeevan was against the match and Rekha had to face rejection yet again. A lot was also written about Rekha’s fondness for Amitabh Bachchan and they worked together in many films such as Silsila, Namak Haraam and more.

Rekha never married again and lives a happy life with frequent appearances at Bollywood parties, film screenings and events.


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