Aahana Kumra: David Beckham was impressed with the confidence in girls in India

Actor Aahana Kumra was overwhelmed with emotions when she got a chance to meet David Beckham, and that is one feeling which will stay with her forever. She says she was impressed how the football icon was intrigued by India and its culture.

Aahana Kumra with David Beckham
Aahana Kumra with David Beckham

The actor met Beckham, who was in India for a short trip as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, at a session in Mumbai, and captured the moment through a picture.

“I met him for a short time, and got an opportunity to get clicked with him. However, I had a chat with him before getting clicked. There were many people jumping in to take selfies with him, but he was polite and gracious,” Kumra tells us.

The 38-year-old continues, “When I met him, I did tell him how I have known him as a sportsman all my life, and how I was introduced to another and a more personal side to him recently through his documentary. Earlier I just knew he is a big legend who is married to Victoria. He was very modest about it, and mentioned that it was very kind of me to mention all these things”.

In fact, Kumra mentions that she was in awe because he “acknowledged” everything she said during the meeting. “He came to India for a very short trip and made time to meet so many people. After my meeting and interaction, he seemed like a hy, polite and a gracious person, who has his family at the core of his heart above everything else. He is fond of his daughter. During the session, he said he has three sons and a daughter, and she is the boss,” says the actor.

During his trip to India, Beckham took some time out to watch the world cup semi-final match, meet cricketers, attend a filmy party and mingle with people from Bollywood.

Talking about it, Kumra says, “He managed to do so much during this short trip. I am super impressed. He managed to meet the cricket legends in India. He managed to meet the government dignitaries, he managed to meet people from Bollywood, he managed to meet actors and content creators. He also went to the villages and met young girls”.

Here, the actor reveals the memories he is taking back from the visit. “After interacting with all the girls and visiting the villages, he was very touched and impressed with the confidence in the young girls in India,” she says, adding, “He spoke very fondly about the country, saying it is his first time in India, and how he’s going to come again”.

“He was very impressed by what he saw. I’m glad that this is happening a lot more where a lot of these international legends are coming to India, and they are seeing India in a very different light, seeing how confident our youth is and how open everybody is to welcoming people,” she ends.

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