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Actor Adah Sharma and Jatin Sarna are coming together onscreen for the first time in their short film Kofuku, which will at premiere at JioCinema Film Festival. Kofuku is a 17-minute-long film, shot in Mussoorie. The title is derived from the Japanese word, which translates to happiness and fulfilment in life. In a chat with Hindustan Times, Adah and Jatin shared the essence of their film.

Adah Sharma will be next seen in Kofuku.
Adah Sharma will be next seen in Kofuku.

Adah Sharma shared about the film, “It’s a film that you will resonate with, no matter where you are from and whatever age group you are. The topic is so universal.”

A still image from Kofuku.
A still image from Kofuku.

Kofuku focuses on people and their perspective towards life. It is based around Adah Sharma’s, Sadaf, who comes to a remote hill station from an urban city and meets a visually impaired stranger in a Mussoorie cafe who shows her around. As she intended to permanently bid goodbye, the stranger changes her mind with an insight into his life and its philosophies.

Adah Sharma in Kofuku

Adah Sharma recalled her role and said, “Sadaf is someone I don’t actually identify with a lot. I am someone who’s a little more grateful (towards life) but it was interesting to play her because she is someone who can see but she is not looking in the right place for happiness. She is basically living her life with eyes shut.”

“Jatin is playing someone who is visually impaired but he can see so much more than someone with 6/6 vision. She goes to make a decision in her life but it’s Jatin who stops her.

A still from Kofuku, starring Adah Sharma and Jatin Sarna.
A still from Kofuku, starring Adah Sharma and Jatin Sarna.

“Sometimes you meet people and realise there are so many ways in which you can be living your life differently. We all try to do different things to be happy. You think accumulating a lot of wealth will make you happy, someone might think having a lot of movies will make you happy, or starting a business will. Happiness is actually within you. Similarly, our film is very simple. It’s conveying the same message.”

Jatin Sarna on his biggest take from Kofuku

Jatin Sarna went on to weigh in, “The grass is always greener on the other side. The film also talks about focusing on what you have rather than looking at others’ plates. We just want to achieve this and that in life. In that race, we forget to live life. Life is uncertain, especially after what we have seen during covid. After working on this film, my perspective towards life has changed. One should just make peace with life and enjoy, this is my take from the film.”

Adah and Jatin were clearly more invested in the film, not just professionally but also on a personal level. When asked about their shoot time together, Jatin had only great things to tell about his co-star and team.

Vishal Bharadwaj on Kofuku sets

“Our producer, Pradeep is such a sweetheart. He made sure we got everything on the sets that was needed for the shoot. He surprised us with an unexpected visit from Vishal Bharadwaj. Sir came to the sets to give us blessings. He gave the first clap for our shoot. We got time to talk to the legend. Nothing can be bigger than this.”

Vishal Bharadwaj with Kofuku team.
Vishal Bharadwaj with Kofuku team.

Jatin and Adah had a great exchange of knowledge and helped each other to hone their craft. “I think Jatin has proved his mettle as an actor so many times. When two people want to make a film for the right reasons, you want to see where you can push the characters and how you make the scene more interesting. It’s just great fun,” added The Kerala Story actor.

Adah Sharma’s struggle with high heel boots

With great bonds come great memories; Adah and Jatin are no different. Adah shared how she managed to pull off a long scene in a single take, thanks to her co-star’s determination. She narrated the incident with a laugh, “I played someone who is very posh. I had to wear boots with high heels and walk down the hill. Because in the film, we played like we were not complaining about it, I almost felt guilty. It was a long walk. Jatin had a stick because he was blind and I had to walk in those heels.”


Adah Sharma and Jatin Sarna in a scene from Kofuku.
Adah Sharma and Jatin Sarna in a scene from Kofuku.

Much like Adah’s long journey in the industry, Jatin Sarna has come a long way. From Saat Uchakkey, Sonchiriya, 83, Sacred Games to Khakee: The Bihar Chapter and now Kofuku, Jatin is here to stay. Keeping it humble, the actor said, “I have just entered the arena. I still feel new because I am still looking for work. It’s not like I am not getting work, it’s just that it does not attract me or resonate with me. They are all the same. I think I have to prove myself solo. I’m looking for good roles and scripts. I am confident that I am a fantastic actor. I’m practising and evolving. Now the industry knows me.”

Adah Sharma refuses to comment on The Vaccine War

We also asked The Kerala Story girl if she watched Vivek Agnihotri’s The Vaccine War trailer. At the time of our conversation, the film had not been released. Adah answered, “Yes, I have,” however she refused to comment on it.

When further probed why, she explained, “After the Kerala Story, I have learnt that one should not loosely speak about a film without watching the entire film. I remember when The Kerala story was released, there was a teaser released before it. A lot of people decided what the whole film was about after seeing those seconds of teaser. They had opinions about it. My only thing was (to people)… at least watch the film and then say something about it.

“Of course, you can say what you want, it’s a free nation but what if someone watches the poster of Kofuku and says this is about two people who are trying to fly… Till I watch the film, I won’t comment.” So, is Adah going to watch The Vaccine War? She loosely answered, “I am looking forward to watching all the films.”

The short film brings the beauty of the Mussoorie featuring the most popular Mall road to the hypnotic silence of the quiet Char Dukan, Lal Tibba to the lush green George Everest and more. Shot over a week, the film is produced by Suman Talkies Pvt Limited.



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