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Alaviaa Jaaferi, social media influencer and daughter of actor-comedian Jaaved Jaaferi, has talked in detail about her lip and undereye fillers including when, where and from whom she got it done. Many have praised her on Reddit for being so honest and educating her audience on her YouTube channel about the procedure that many celebrities undergo but prefer to deny it. Also read: Uorfi Javed reveals getting lip fillers since she was 18: ‘Instead of hating yourself, better to opt for surgeries’

 Alaviaa Jaaferi has talked about her lip and undereye fillers.
Alaviaa Jaaferi has talked about her lip and undereye fillers.

Alaviaa Jaaferi on when, why and where she got her lip, undereye fillers

Alaviaa has studied fashion and design at Parsons School of Design, New York and is also the co-founder of a retail store that brings International brands to India. Reddit shared a video of Alaviaa Jaaferi recently in which she talked about her fillers. She revealed she got her lip fillers for the first time in June 2019, when she was in college because she wanted her lips to be slightly bigger. She added that she got her under-eye fillers in December 2019 because her dark circles were very prominent. She got her eye fillers.

She also explained that she was scared when she got her lip fillers because the swelling took a month to go away. She said she got her first fillers in New York and assumed that the doctors abroad were better than Indian doctors when it came to botox treatments. She claimed paying $900 ( 74,000) for the procedure and the charges are per syringe. But when she got her second fillers in India for 25,000, she felt it was far better than what she got in New York.

Giving advice to her fans, she said that one must not keep getting fillers again and again as it looks overdone and crazy. She also said that she doesn’t understand why her friends like to hide the fact of them getting fillers.

Reddit praises Alaviaa Jaaferi for her honesty

Her video was loved by those on edit. A Reddit user commented on it, “Ooo this is great! Superrrr refreshing to hear a public figure talk about their surgeries etc. Hats off to her! No celeb/famous person, (heck I know people irl who’s got all this done but pretend it’s natural) does this.” Another said, “It’s so refreshing to see that a celebrity being honest about her surgeries/fillers and not balantly lying and saying ” malai lagati hu, 8 glass paani peeti hu (I use milk cream and drink 8 glasses of water everyday) ..blah blah.”

One more wrote, “At least she is honest and upfront about who she is and very likeable quality about her.” One of the many similar comments read: “She did not need it. I really appreciate her being so honest.” “She looks good both ways. Her talk about getting procedures done is A+! Btw, both of Javed Jaferi’s kids are super good looking,” wrote an Instagram user. A person also called her “a perfect mix of Shibani Dandekar and Tara Sutaria”.


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