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Brain teasers are fun and exciting but most of the time they also leave people baffled. One example is this holiday-themed puzzle that has left people wrecking their brains. The puzzle is about finding varied items hidden in the picture, including a crown.

Can you solve this viral brain teaser? (Screengrab)
Can you solve this viral brain teaser? (Screengrab)

“Holiday time!… but I can’t locate the crown,” reads the caption posted along with the picture on Reddit. The original poster further explained about the puzzle and added, “Overall I’ve had trouble locating a lot of these. It’s probably my eyes not adjusting well to the art style. Anywho, I hope y’all enjoy this, and let me know if you find the crown.”

The picture shows a family of Teddy Bear standing in front of a decorated Christmas tree. They are also seen holding gift packets in their hands. Below the picture, varied objects are listed, and the challenge is to locate all the items hidden in the pic.

Take a look at this puzzle:

The post was shared a day ago. Since then, it has accumulated more than 100 upvotes. While some shared that the brain teaser left them scratching their heads, others came up with answers for the puzzle. A few also expressed how it was hard to crack.

Check out the reactions of the Reddit users:

“The crown is part of the present the mother is holding. The daughter’s head causes the cutouts at the top of the crown. It’s rotated 90° counterclockwise,” suggested a Reddit user. “Girl teddy bear’s ear and cheek are the tip of the crown and the box is the base of it,” added another. “I am stuck,” expressed a third. “It was the second to last one I could find (candle was harder for me). Lack of colours in the image made it really difficult,” wrote a fourth.


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