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Babil Khan has said that he is not a star kid and only the son of late actor Irrfan Khan. He stressed the fact that his father may be widely appreciated but was not a star in the industry. In the new interview with Filmygyaan, Babil also said that he has a different kind of privilege as the child of Irrfan – he can walk up to the late actor’s talented friends and learn the art and craft of acting. (Also read: Babil Khan’s Friday Night Plan dilemma mirrors the weight of his own legacy)

Babil Khan talks about the legacy of Irrfan Khan. (Varinder Chawla)
Babil Khan talks about the legacy of Irrfan Khan. (Varinder Chawla)

Babil: I have my own shoes

Asked if he finds it difficult to step into the shoes of Irrfan, Babil said, “But I am not stepping into his shoes at all. It is people’s job and choice (to compare Babil with his dad) but I am not going to try and step into his shoes. Why will I do that? If I am stepping into his shoes, then who will step into my shoes? Mere bhi to joote hain bhai (laughter) to main unme kab paon daalunga agar unke joote pehenne lagunga to? (I also have my own shoes so if I step into his shoes, when will I step into mine)? (adds laughing) and his are not shoes, his are kayaks. I am not even attempting, in any way, to be him or replicate him at all.”

Irrfan would be ‘disappointed’ if Babil tried to step into his shoes

He added that whatever reflects naturally – due to his upbringing and genetics – is there, but he does not and will not attempt to look or work like his father. “He would be so disappointed if I do that. As far as nepotism goes, that is my grey area. Main star kid nahi hoon Irrfan ka beta hoon (I am not a star kid but I am Irrfan’s son). I have to earn the role and after earning, I have to deliver it as well. And, how will I find the confidence to perform if I know that I did not earn the role? Being Irrfan and Sutapa’s son, privilege is different. Not nepotism, but I can walk up to their friends – they would love to talk to me. So I get to learn a lot. That is my biggest privilege. I can call Pankaj Tripathi sir or Jaideep Ahlawat and say I need voice training, or some questions about the craft.”

Babil’s new film

Babil’s new film Friday Night Plan is currently streaming on Netflix. It also features Amrith Jayan, Aadhya Anand, Medha Rana, and Ninad Kamat alongside Babil.

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