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A digital creator from Belgium is spreading smiles across the world by asking people to teach him their favourite dance moves. What’s more, he takes the time to record these cherished moments and shares them on his Instagram account. A video of him learning dance moves from people and subsequently grooving with them to several upbeat songs has now gone viral online. It has won people’s hearts far and wide.

Ed People dancing to Indian songs with strangers. (Instagram/@ed.people)
Ed People dancing to Indian songs with strangers. (Instagram/@ed.people)

“Indian dances,” wrote Ed People while sharing the video on Instagram. The video opens to show him asking a woman to teach him her favourite dance moves and later grooving with her to the upbeat song 52 Gaj Ka Daman.

Next, he learns the Tum Tum dance from another woman and Patli Kamariya from a group. He also dances to Tu Meri with a woman and gets some dance lessons from a group of kids for Ra Ra Rakkamma.

Towards the end, he dances to Chaiyya Chaiyya with two women, Nati with a man, and wraps it up with his dance to Thudakam Mangalyam with a woman.

Watch Ed People dancing with strangers to Indian songs here:

Since being shared six days ago on Instagram, the video has collected over 2.8 million views. Many even shared their thoughts on this fun video in the comments section.

Here’s how people reacted to this dance video:

An Instagram user posted, “How could someone say No to the face he makes after saying ‘Can you teach me your favourite dance move?’”

“That 52 Gaj Ka Daman,” remarked another.

A third shared, “I love how diverse and expressive they are,” along with a heart emoticon.

“These videos always make me smile,” expressed a fourth.

A fifth commented, “Chaiyya Chaiyya isn’t quite the same without synchronised head nodding on a train.”

What are your thoughts on this dance video? Which dance move did you like the most?

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