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Certain birds are notorious for their audacious attempts to snatch food from unsuspecting humans. This bird captured in a video is one such avian thief. The clip shows how it hovers over a woman for quite some time before trying to take a bite out of her ice cream. What, however, is even more hilarious is the woman’s reaction to it.

The image shows a bird moments before it tries to steal a woman's ice cream. (Instagram/@nandocell.bueno)
The image shows a bird moments before it tries to steal a woman’s ice cream. (Instagram/@nandocell.bueno)

The video was posted on an Instagram page called Nando Cell. The clip is shared without any caption. It opens to show a woman eating ice cream while enjoying the view of the sea in front of her. A bird is seen hovering over her head.

Within moments, the bird swoops down and attacks the ice cream, in the process the creature also rests its legs briefly on the woman’s head. At first, the woman looks to her side with a baffled look on her face. Ultimately, she realises that the culprit is not a human standing nearby but a bird flying over her head.

Take a look at this hilarious video:

The video was posted last month. Since then, it has collected close to 11 million views. The share has accumulated tons of comments from people. While some wondered how the woman was unaware of the bird, some shared jokes to showcase their reactions.

How did Instagram users react to this video?

“Situational awareness zero,” posted an Instagram user. “I want to concentrate on my career just the way she’s concentrated on her ice cream to ignore such a huge seagull,” added another. “The bird is on a spy mission,” joked a third. “That’s some skillful driving right there,” commented a fourth. “Why is her first reaction to look back or to the side?” wrote a fifth.

Instagram user Els Gubbelmans took to the video’s comments section to share that the woman in the video is her. “That’s me, thanks for filming!” she wrote and added a laughing out loud emoticon.


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