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A bodybuilder took to social media to share how he thinks karate is a “scam” and later on tries to prove his point by challenging a karate master for a fight. However, what happens at the end of the clip will leave you amused.

Chaka Zulu in fight with the Karate master.
Chaka Zulu in fight with the Karate master.

The video opens to show Instagram user Chaka Zulu saying that he thinks that karate is a scam, and he is all set to prove that. He further explains that he was a martial arts student but left it after obtaining a yellow belt. Zulu then trained himself at the gym to become “untouchable.”

To prove that he is stronger than a martial artist, he finds a master in karate to challenge him for a fight. As Zulu asks for a fight with the karate champion, he tells him if he loses, then he will give his studio keys to Zulu. We won’t give away everything that happens in the video.

Watch the fight between Zulu and the karate master here:

This video was shared a while back. Since being posted, it has been liked more than four lakh times and has received numerous comments.

Check out what people are saying about this post here:

An individual wrote, “Proof that muscle doesn’t mean anything.”

A second commented, “Strength is crucial but if you think strength alone can dominate someone with martial arts skills, then you’re simply a fool.”

“These arts are not only muscles but mind too. You don’t need to be muscular so you can achieve powerful punches or kicks,” shared a third.

A fourth added, “Having experience in martial arts and weightlifting, guaranteed that you should not mess with a trained martial arts master even if you are strong from bodybuilding. It will not go well. But find out for yourself.”

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