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Germany-based digital artist Gergely Dudás is back again with a new brain teaser, and it has proved to be quite a head-scratcher for many. The challenge involves finding three roosters that are cleverly hidden in a sea of turkeys. Although it may sound simple, it has proven to be quite a difficult task for most people who have attempted it.

Brain Teaser: Can you find three roosters in this pic?(Facebook/@thedudolf)
Brain Teaser: Can you find three roosters in this pic?(Facebook/@thedudolf)

The brain teaser was shared on Facebook with the caption, “Can you find three roosters among the turkeys?” The brain teaser shows turkeys enjoying each other’s company. However, there are three roosters hidden among them that are waiting to be discovered. The tricky part is that the roosters are the same colour as the turkeys – red and yellow.

Take a look at the brain teaser right here:

The brain teaser was shared a day ago on Facebook. Since then, it has gained close to 350 reactions and nearly 100 reshares. A few puzzle enthusiasts even dropped comments on the post. While some found the challenge easy, others admitted to taking some time to solve it.

Here’s what people have to say about this brain teaser:

“Found them. The third one was tricky but I finally found him,” posted an individual.

Another added, “Woah! Took me a minute.”

“Took me 4 mins to find chicken,” chimed in a third.

A fourth expressed, “Fairly easy.”

“Once I found the first one, I found 2 and 3 shortly. I enjoy these challenges. Thank you!” shared a fifth.

A sixth joined, “Love ur work, this one was tricky! Thanks.”

“Found them all!” exclaimed a seventh.

What are your thoughts on this brain teaser? Were you able to solve it all by yourself? If yes, how much time did you take in doing so?


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