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A brain teaser that has gained significant traction on X (formerly Twitter) challenges people to crack the three-digit code of a lock. Hints are also given to help people find the correct code to open the lock. Do you have what it takes to solve this brain teaser?

Brain Teaser: Can you crack the code and open this lock?(X/@TansuYegen)
Brain Teaser: Can you crack the code and open this lock?(X/@TansuYegen)

“Can you crack this lock?” wrote X user Tansu YEĞEN while sharing the brain teaser on the micro-blogging platform.

The brain teaser has five sets of hints. In the first set, only one number from the code is given, and it is in the correct place. The second set is trickier, with only one correct number, but is wrongly placed. Set 3 provides two correct numbers, but they are in the wrong place. The fourth set is particularly challenging, as none of the numbers are correct. Finally, set 5 has a correct number but is in the wrong place.

Take a look at this brain teaser below. Your time to crack the code starts now…

The brain teaser was shared on X on September 4. Since then, it has collected over 6.4 lakh views and more than 1,000 likes. The post has also accumulated more than 200 reposts. Many solved this brain teaser and shared the answers in the comments section.

Check out how people reacted to this brain teaser:

An X user posted, “I think 394, but not 100% sure.”

“Took me less than 10 seconds,” claimed another.

A third shared, “394 You don’t need the second last clue.”

“Too many attempts. Account locked again. Where is the forgot password link?” joked a fourth.

A fifth commented, “Code 394: first number 9 from first and last code because only one number is correct, put it in the middle, delete 6, 1, 2, 5 also from fourth and fifth code. Now from second and third, I took 4 and 3, switching them with 9 in the middle.”

Earlier, an IAS officer shared a challenging brain teaser asking people to decipher the three-digit code of a lock. Although the brain teaser perplexed a vast number of Internet users, some were able to solve it successfully.

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