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Boarding a seemingly ordinary cab, a woman was met with a delightful surprise as she discovered that it had all the “needful stuff” that one may require while travelling. She also shared a video on Instagram that shows the cab equipped with several items, including newspapers, medicines, tissues, toffees, and even an umbrella.

The image shows a cab equipped with varied essential items. (Instagram/@radha__pundir)
The image shows a cab equipped with varied essential items. (Instagram/@radha__pundir)

Instagram user Radha shared the video with a detailed caption. “So I booked a cab in Noida, and I was literally impressed (maybe) to find such a stocked-up cab. But seriously, kudos to the driver, he has kept almost every needful stuff in the cab that one can need while travelling, including hair bands, toffees, water, Frooti, napkins, and an umbrella. New experience it was,” she wrote.

The video shows her sitting in the backseat of the cab. On the back of the driver’s side, a hanging shelf is seen filled with varied items.

Take a look at this incredible video of the cab:

The video was shared last month. Since then, it has accumulated close to 11.8 million views, and the numbers are still increasing. The share has also received varied comments from people. While some praised the driver, a few shared their experiences of riding this particular cab.

Check out the comments from Instagram users:

“I have been in that same cab! So glad I decided to take a cab that day. I left a whole page of thank you in calligraphy in his feedback diary,” posted an Instagram user. “Make him famous, he deserves it,” added another. “This is someone who actually enjoys his job and is well-behaved,” expressed a third.

“The question is ‘is this all free or do you have to pay extra’,” asked a fourth. To which, Radha replied that it was all free. “I have taken this cab too, he has free food and a donation box attached to the back cover seat too. It’s a good thing,” joined a fifth. “This is just wow,” wrote a sixth.


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