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A video of how a cat lent its paw to help its human was shared online. The clip captures the kitty helping a woman in a very unusual way – by cutting adhesive tape using its teeth. This remarkable skill of the cat is likely to leave you impressed.

The image shows a cat standing in front of a cardboard box.(Reddit/@bakshup)
The image shows a cat standing in front of a cardboard box.(Reddit/@bakshup)

The video was posted on Reddit with a simple yet apt caption. “Packaging assistant,” it reads. The video opens to show a woman sitting on the floor wrapping a cardboard box with adhesive tapes. A cat is also seen beside the woman.

At first, the cat holds the box with its paws to help its human. Then, the kitty patiently waits as its human sticks a piece of adhesive tape to the box from a roll. Once done, she shows the cat the exact place from where it needs to cut the tape, and the kitty does just that with absolute precision. The rest of the video shows the cat doing the same thing again.

Take a look at this video of the helpful cat:

The video was shared a few days ago. Since then, it has collected close to 18,000 upvotes. Additionally, the share has also received several comments. While some praised the cat for helping its human, others shared how they want a pet just like the kitty.

Here’s how Reddit users react to this cat video:

“Oh I want one! I HATE doing that myself, but sometimes I’m too lazy to get a pair of scissors. This beautiful creature solves everything,” posted a Reddit user. “Mine just christens all of my customer shipments during the pre-packaging process by laying in the boxes. Haven’t had anyone complain about hair yet, but I’m sure it’s given a few people a good laugh. Or an allergic reaction,” joked another.

“The kitty is taking this ‘on the job’ experience very well. Most cats would be devastated watching boxes being sealed up and taken away, like donating a favourite toy to someone else,” added a third, referencing how cats often love to play with cardboard boxes. “Such a hard worker,” praised a fourth. “Cat’s more helpful and efficient than most people I know,” wrote a fifth.

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