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In a funny display of antics of cats, a mischievous kitty was caught red-pawed attempting to take a bite out of a plant. However, instead of running away after getting caught, the cat went on to let out an exaggerated yawn as if it intended to do that from the start. The video shared on Reddit with the caption “Caught in the act” will likely leave you chuckling.

The image shows a cat trying to eat a plant. (Reddit/@RealRock_n_Rolla)
The image shows a cat trying to eat a plant. (Reddit/@RealRock_n_Rolla)

The video opens to show a cat perched on top of a table with a plant pot kept in front of it. The kitty is seen opening its mouth to take a bite out of a leaf. The very moment it is about to close its mouth, the kitty notices it got caught. The smart cat reacts instantly and changes its stance. The kitty immediately pretends to yawn to cover up the ‘crime’ it was going to commit.

Take a look at this interesting cat video:

The video was posted some nine hours ago. Since then, it has accumulated close to 2,500 upvotes. The share has also received tons of comments. While some praised the cat for being “sneaky”, others shared stories of their kitties.

How did Reddit users react to the video?

“And the Oscar for the best dramatic performance goes to…,” joked a Reddit user. “Reminds me of one of my cats. He was watching me build something with small parts and always tried to steal some, but I would always catch him, so he started licking his paw very close to the small parts and accidentally stole in the process haha,” added another.

“Great recovery!” joined a third. “Plausible deniability,” posted a fourth. “Sneaky sneaky,” wrote a fifth. What are your thoughts on the video of this cat? Did the video make you laugh out loud?

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