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Joel Berry, the managing director of the satirical platform The Babylon Bee, shared a heart-warming social media post that has gained an impressive 2.7 million views. The tweet featured a letter with a humorous yet slightly menacing message. It was titled as, “Joel Berry ergent (urgent) mail open emedietly (immediately).”

Joel Berry's adorable surprise: 'GOVORMET' Letter's Playful Twist Takes Twitter by Storm (JoelWBerry Twitter. X)((Twitter. X))
Joel Berry’s adorable surprise: ‘GOVORMET’ Letter’s Playful Twist Takes Twitter by Storm (JoelWBerry Twitter. X)((Twitter. X))

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Upon opening the letter, the message continued: “Dear Joel Berry for your kids you must let them watch Iron man TONIGHT.” Additionally, in smaller font, an innocent threat was added: “Or you will be killed” The letter was signed off with a playful twist as well saying, “FROM: GOVORMET (Government).”

What added to the overall charm of the post was the manner in which the letter was delivered and the handwriting, which resembled that of a child. Joel, in his tweet caption, humorously remarked, “A mailman who looked suspiciously like my 8-year-old put this in my mailbox this morning.”

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This tweet triggered a lively response on Twitter, with users expressing their reactions. Joel further took to his comments by mentioning, “Torn between letting them watch it and teaching them an important lesson about how we don’t obey unlawful govomet order in this house.’

Some users found it endearing and amusing, with comments such as, “So cute and hilarious; stuff like this makes me want to be a father one day.” Others were genuinely curious about the outcome, asking, “Just following up: did you let them watch it?”

For all the viewers who were concerned whether the little menace finally got to watch his movie, Joel shared a picture of the movie being played and shared on his comments list titled, “The govomet won this round.”

The decision to capitulate was applauded by many, ‘Wise decision, knowing what the govormet is capable of,’ wrote a user.

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