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Ratings and reviews have a significant influence on the careers of those working in customer service. Realising that very fact, a customer of Delta Airlines did something incredible when she mistakenly gave one star to one of their representatives. She not only reached out to the airline but filmed a video explaining her mistake and requesting the company to allow her to change her rating to five.

Samantha Brown took to Instagram to praise one of the employees of Delta Airlines. (Instagram/@Samantha Brown)
Samantha Brown took to Instagram to praise one of the employees of Delta Airlines. (Instagram/@Samantha Brown)

Samantha Brown took to Instagram to share the video where she explained her oversight and also her desire to make amends. “I know great customer service is a rarity these days, and I never opt to go with messaging to solve travel issues. We want to talk to people! So, I just wanted to put it out there. Julie was a 5!” she wrote.

In the video, she explained that she had a smooth experience while speaking with a Delta representative named Julie and wanted to give her the highest rating possible. However, due to a slight error, she ended up giving her one star. Fearing that Julie would receive flak from her manager due to Brown’s error, she filmed the video explaining the situation.

How did the airline react?

Her video soon captured the attention of many, including Delta Air Lines. Taking to the comments section of the video, the airlines wrote, “Love that you want to recognize Julie, so do we!”

What did Julie say about Brown’s video?

In a sweet surprise, Julie also shared a response to the video. “Wow… This is Julie (Delta in Atlanta)! I spoke to you that morning. Thank you for going above and beyond. You did what most people don’t even think of… much less take action about it. You’re an awesome and kind lady!” she wrote.

Take a look at this video shared by Brown:

The video was posted on October 3. Since then, it has collected close to 3.4 million views. The share has also received tons of comments.

How did Instagram users react to this wholesome video?

“Julie at work right now showing her manager like ‘see’,” joked an Instagram user. “As a customer service representative, I appreciate your honest concern about her metrics. You don’t know how much that affects us. Salary wise, promotion wise, everything. Thank you, you remind us that there are still good customers out there,” commented another. “This is the good side of the internet, I mean this reached Delta AND Julie,” expressed a third. “This is absolutely lovely. You have great character,” wrote a fourth.

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