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It is often said that a dog is a man’s best friend, and the actions of this pooch named Alex showed why the statement is true. He helped save the life of a teen who suffered a stroke by waking up his parents. Since being shared online, Alex’s story has won people’s hearts.

The image shows a dog named Alex and the teen whose life the pooch saved. (Instagram/@weratedogs)
The image shows a dog named Alex and the teen whose life the pooch saved. (Instagram/@weratedogs)

Instagram page We Rate Dog shared how Alex was able to save the 17-year-old’s life. “Early one Saturday morning, he began jumping in his parents’ bed and pawing at them. When they reluctantly woke up to let him outside, Axel didn’t want to go. Instead, he stopped in front of the closed bedroom door of the couple’s 17-year-old son, Gabriel, and wouldn’t move. Inside, Gabriel was having a stroke. When Gabriel’s dad went in to check on the teen, he quickly realised something was wrong. Gabriel was slurring his speech and couldn’t feel his right side. Thanks to Axel’s actions, they were able to rush Gabriel to the hospital,” the page wrote.

In the next few lines, they added that Gabriel is making “amazing progress” and it is due to Alex’s intervention that things didn’t get even worse. “The family plans to make Axel a little medal of honour to go on his collar. And we’re giving him our highest honour, a 15/10,” the page added. They wrapped up the post with an image of Alex with Gabriel.

Read the story of the amazing dog here:

Since being shared about 11 hours ago, the post has accumulated close to 63,000 likes. It has also collected several comments from people. From praising the dog to sharing similar stories, they posted varied reactions.

How did Instagram users react to this dog’s story?

“He protec, he attack, he went for help and came right back,” commented an Instagram user. “My dog saved me from the same outcome by alerting my husband!” added another. “They should make Axel a cape since he’s a Superhero!” suggested a third.

“My departed Bailey did the same for me. After a horrible motorcycle accident, I was bedridden for months after I got out of the hospital. Soon after I got home, I started choking in the middle of the night because everything was broken and I couldn’t sit up. My Pitbull pushed my son’s door open and started barking. He heard me choking and came to my rescue. I was gasping at that point. God bless our sweet animals,” wrote a fourth.

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