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A video of a dog scaring its pet mom has turned into a source of joy for netizens. Shared on Reddit, the video shows how the pooch hides behind a wall to surprise a woman climbing a flight of stairs.

The image shows a dog trying to scare its pet mom. (Screengrab)
The image shows a dog trying to scare its pet mom. (Screengrab)

“The cutest jump scare ever!” reads the caption posted along with the video on Reddit. The clip opens to show a dog waiting patiently behind a wall. Within moments, its pet mom comes up the stairs and the dog instantly jumps in front of her to scare the woman. The rest of the video shows the pooch doing that over and over again.

Take a look at this video of the very cute dog:

The video was shared two days ago. Since being posted, the clip has gone viral. Till now, the video has accumulated close to 28,000 upvotes, and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also prompted people to post varied comments.

What did Reddit users say about this dog video?

“This video will never not be pure gold,” posted a Reddit user. “The way the dog leaps just two steps and then instantly gets the zoomies is so innocent,” added another. “Aw, I wish someone loved me like the dog loves the lady,” shared a third. “Way way too cute,” joined a fourth. “Best video ever,” wrote a fifth.


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