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There are several dog videos that tug at the heartstrings of many. And now, a video of an elderly woman and a beagle will surely make you go aww. The video shows the elderly woman showering love on the dog who is sleeping on her lap.

The dog was seen resting its head on the woman's lap/ (Instagram/@astroandnani)
The dog was seen resting its head on the woman’s lap/ (Instagram/@astroandnani)

The video was shared on Instagram by the page astroandnani. It shows the old lady comforting the dog after it got scolded by its pet parents. She can be seen petting the dog and telling it that it is a good child. Meanwhile, the dog comfortably sits on her and receives the love. (Also Read: Dog nonchalantly looks at camera ignoring another pooch fighting with a cat)

Watch the adorable video of the dog and the woman here:

This video was shared a few days ago on social media. Since being posted, it has been liked more than 32,000 times. The share has also received numerous comments.

Check out what people are saying about this post here:

An individual wrote, “Nani even I want some of your love and blessings.”

A second commented, “This is wholesome.”

A third shared, “So cute, so adorable.”

“He understands everything that Nani says,” said a fourth.

A fifth added, “What a sweet Nani and what an adorable dog!”

Many others also reacted to the video using heart emojis.


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