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A hilarious yet adorable video of a cat getting ‘attacked’ by fish has gone viral on social media. Since it was shared, it has made many chuckle.

Snapshot of the cat running away from fish. (Instagram/@softcatmemes)
Snapshot of the cat running away from fish. (Instagram/@softcatmemes)

This video was shared by the Instagram page @softcatmemes. It opens to show a cat jumping into a koi pond, and fish start coming after the kitty. The scared cat then quickly swims and jumps on a stone to save itself.

A text inlay on the video reads, “The fish thought kitty was food.”

Watch the video of the cat and fish here:

This post was shared a day ago. Since being shared, it has gained close to four million views. The share also has numerous likes and comments.

Check out what people are saying about the post here:

An individual joked, “A case of getting catfished.”

A second said, “Kitty thought the fishies were friends.”

“I have never seen a cat swim before!” posted a third.

A fourth shared, “The kitty is just a beginner hunter, she’ll learn and be back.”

A fifth added, “In his mind, he was probably being chased by sharks.”


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