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A much-touted sequel, Fukrey 3 is a legit laughter riot. You can easily leave your brains at home, and sit back to enjoy this without thinking much or trying to make sense of what’s happening onscreen. You may feel sorry for Bollywood, as it is still making this kind of cinema; but in reality, there are countless takers of this genre even in this generation that’s hungry for good content, who don’t mind laughing on mindless jokes and crass humour. Also read: Richa Chadha loves Fukrey 3’s Bholi

Fukrey 3 movie review: The film stars Pankaj Tripathi, Pulkit Samrat, Manjot Singh, Varun Sharma and Richa Chadha.
Fukrey 3 movie review: The film stars Pankaj Tripathi, Pulkit Samrat, Manjot Singh, Varun Sharma and Richa Chadha.

Fukrey 3 is hilarious, humorous and over-the-top

Fukrey 3 is an amalgamation of all this, and more. It’s hilarious, humorous and over-the-top, especially if you enjoy slapstick and brainless comedy. It’s also high on nostalgia and that’s one thing that totally works in its favour from the first frame till the last. The friendship the Fukrey gang shares, their camaraderie with Pandit ji (Pankaj Tripathi), their love-hate relationship with Bholi Panjaban (Richa Chadha) and the fun their twisted tales bring forth offers a wholesome entertainer.

I like the how director Mrighdeep Singh Lamba has added a bit of dimensions and depth to everyone’s character arcs. The forever funny Choocha (Varun Sharma) has become even funnier, the clever Hunny (Pulkit Samrat) has gone a level up in playing mind games, the good-boy Laali (Manjot Singh) is way sweeter, the ever-dependable Pandit ji has got everyone’s back, and everyone’s favourite Bholi Panjaban gives no chance to complain and shows a softer side to her personality.

Fukrey 3 serves a buffet of subplots

The plot pick from where part two ended, and it keeps moving in circles. From the coal mines in Africa to an amusement park in Delhi, the story jumps from one location to another, and Choocha remains the central part in almost everything good or bad. What’s the new scheme that Fukrey gang has devised to mint some quick bucks? What’s the whole political angle pitting Choocha and Bholi against each other? Will Bholi actually fall for Choocha? Is Hunny still as good as decoding Choocha’s experimental thoughts? Why is Pandit ji still sticking with this gang, and what’s their ultimate motive? Fukrey 3 serves a buffet of subplots, and never lets you get bored.

However, when this comedy starts to heavily relet on toilet humour, things go south, quite literally. In every other scenes, the quality of jokes drop from being crass to unfunny. After a point, you laugh at the situations and the way they’ve been shot, but there’s barely any dialogue that stays with you, or triggers any genuine laughter.

There’s too much toilet humour

At 150 minutes, Fukrey 3 is fast-paced, keeps you invested not as much in the story as it does in the characters. Everything unfolding onscreen is funny for obvious reasons. But I really wish Mrighdeep Singh Lamba stuck to some clean humour and clever comic punches, instead of throwing such convenient toilet humour at our faces, that after a point you wonder if the writers ran out of ideas.

Though Vipul Vig’s writing is engaging, and he ensures that each time the track gets stretched, which happens quite often, he places a joke or twist that brings you back in the film. Alas, by the time things appear to sound a bit cleaner and enjoyable, there’s a lot of potty talks that’s already been fed, and is tough to take out of your mind.

A Fukrey 3 poster featuring the lead actors.
A Fukrey 3 poster featuring the lead actors.

Fukrey 3 attempts to send a social message

The first half goes in establishing the character stories and new narratives, and it’s only in the second half that things pick pace. Unlike it’s previous two parts, Fukrey 3 attempts to send a social message too, but it doesn’t really build up on that track with diligence or honesty. At one point, it seems quite forced into the script, only to add a touch of social commentary though it doesn’t hit hard.

Fukrey 3 rides high on its strong performances, each better than the other. Varun and Pankaj take the cake without any doubt. Reprising his infamous character Choocha, Varun hits it out of the park. He is so effortless and the he gets into the skin (and clothes) of Choocha seems to come so naturally to him. His gestures, body language, innocence and mischievous ways can get on anyone’s nerves, but he’s too good at what he does that you don’t really complain.

And then there’s Pankaj. Just add him into a comic script, and you can just sit back and relax. He makes things funny jut by being there. His acting prowess goes a notch higher in Fukrey 3 and there’s a sense of ease and comfort that’s evident in this act.

Some performances are more restrained than others

Pulkit and Manjot are both equally good, though I feel as compared to the earlier two parts, they deliver a much restrained and balanced performance here. Even in the scene where Choocha is in the centre of everything, these two friends complement him so brilliantly.

And Bholi is just phenomenal and impresses with her actor, yet again. At one point, you feel she’s so naive when somebody tries to shortchange her, but the next moment, she’s this fiery and fierce woman, who can take any challenge head on. There’s a sequence when she;’s getting married, and when she dances towards end of that scene, it’s just so endearing and funny at the same time.

Fukrey 3’s music is quite passable, though I quite liked the way Ambarsariya is played in the background at a couple of places. Also, the opening track that narrates the story of the previous two films through a flashback of pictures is very well-written and put together.

This comedy of errors is an absolute time-pass material that doesn’t want to be thought-provoking or any sort of a conversation starter. Yet, you would enjoy it and come out of the theatre smiling, or maybe laughing depending on your taste for humour. And if you can’t stand toilet humour, please take this review as a warning.

Film: Fukrey 3

Cast: Varun Sharma, Pulkit Samrat, Manjot Singh, Richa Chadha, Pankaj Tripathi

Director: Mrighdeep Singh Lamba


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