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In a new interview, filmmaker Hansal Mehta revealed that he ‘ran away’ and got married to his first wife, calling it the ‘most stupid’ thing. He also spoke about becoming a father when he only 22. During his interview on Unfiltered by Samdish’s YouTube channel, Hansal recalled that in his early 30s, he was ‘drinking a lot’. He credited his second wife Safeena Husain as the reason behind him coming out of that phase. Also read: Hansal Mehta marries Safeena Husain ‘after 17 years, two children’

Hansal Mehta and Safeena at their wedding last year.
Hansal Mehta and Safeena at their wedding last year.

When Hansal Mehta was ‘drinking a lot’

Chatting on Unfiltered by Samdish, Hansal said in Hindi, “When I was between 25-30, especially, when I made Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar (2000), which was when I was 31 or 32, there was a phase after that for around 6-7 years, when I felt the oldest. Nothing good was going on. Things were going bad, things were going wrong. My films were not doing well; I had made some bad films. In terms of personal life, I had gone for separation. A lot of things had happened at the same time. The kids were there, and I did not know how to fulfil my responsibilities. And I had also taken to alcohol. So, all these things together had become a big, vicious thing… I was drinking a lot, very unhealthy.”

Hansal on how he changed

When asked how did he come out of that phase, Hansal said, “After I met Safeena, who is my partner now, I found a little bit a stability in terms of relationship. So that sort of helped slowly, slowly. It took time. I mean it was bumpy with her too in the beginning because… she said, ‘Kitna peete ho tum (How much do you drink)?’ She pointed it out and it became a thing that I had to work on. I was not an alcoholic but I used to… I still enjoy. But now I know that I should drink enough so that I can work the next day. My focus has changed now. I like my work now, since Shahid (2012).”

Hansal and Safeena married in 2022

Hansal Mehta and Safeena share two daughters Kimaya Mehta and Rehana Mehta. The filmmaker also has two sons from his first marriage. Last year, Hansal had announced his wedding, and said that the intimate ceremony in the US was an unplanned one, and came after 17 years of togetherness and two children.

In an Instagram post, Hansal and Safeena were seen smiling and holding up a placard that said ‘love’. They also posed with what appeared to be a marriage certificate. Sharing the pictures on Instagram, Hansal had written in his caption, “So after 17 years, two children, watching our sons growing up and chasing our respective dreams we decided to get hitched. As always in life, this was also impromptu and unplanned.”

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