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A story about how cameras installed for live-streaming bears in a national park turned saviour for a hiker lost in the wilderness was shared online. A video shared on Instagram documents the incident that took place in Katmai National Park located in Alaska.

The image shows a hiker lost in a national park in Alaska. (Instagram/@goodnews_movement)
The image shows a hiker lost in a national park in Alaska. (Instagram/@goodnews_movement)

Goodnews Movement took to Instagram to share the hiker’s video and story. “A lost hiker was rescued in Katmai National Park this week thanks to web cameras set up to observe bears. Luckily, some 6-8 people were viewing the livestream and notified the National Park Service,” they wrote. They added that the hiker was lost when “the adverse weather conditions swept in.”

In the next few lines, the page added a quote from National Park News, which provides news on national parks across the US. “The distressed hiker spotted the camera on Dumpling Mountain and displayed a thumbs down before audibly asking for help. After the National Park service was notified by livestream viewers, a rescue crew went to escort him back to civilization—a little cold but otherwise unharmed.”

Take a look at this video that shows the hiker asking for help:

The video was posted 15 hours ago. Since being shared, it has accumulated over 1.2 million views. The share has also collected several likes and comments.

How did Instagram users react to this video?

“This is one of the good aspects of social media. Kudos to all! Glad he’s ok!” posted an Instagram user. “What a happy story. So happy he’s ok! Thank you to all,” added another. “He kept his head! Getting lost sucks but he owned his situation and used resources at hand,” joined a third. “Imagine going to look at a park live feed hoping to see a bear and saving someone’s life,” wrote a fourth.


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