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Have you ever fallen asleep after switching on your television but instantly woke up when someone switched it off? Then you will relate to this cat named Ella as a video shows how something similar happened to her too. What, however, has left people chuckling is Ella’s reaction after waking up.

The image shows a cat sitting on a chair. (Instagram/@ellawatchestv_)
The image shows a cat sitting on a chair. (Instagram/@ellawatchestv_)

The video is posted on an Instagram page dedicated to the cat. “Like girl you’re the one who fell asleep during late night cartoons!” reads the caption posted along with the clip.

The clip opens to show a text insert that reads, “If I shut the TV off in front of my cat, who clearly fell asleep, she insists she was still watching.”

Take a look at this video of the cat that will leave you smiling:

The video was shared three days ago. Since then, the video has gone viral. Till now, it has accumulated more than 2.4 million views. The post has also collected tons of likes and comments.

How did Instagram user react to this video of the sleepy cat?

“Just resting my eyes. I was listening to it mom,” posted an Instagram user, imagining the cat’s thoughts. “She was enjoying her tv nap,” commented another. “Hahaha! Same thing my grandpa would do! The man would be snoring loudly and wake up as soon as that channel changed,” shared a third. “How adorable is this! She’s really fighting her sleep to watch her show,” wrote a fourth.

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