Is Nayanthara upset with Atlee? Sources say no more Bollywood films anytime soon


Playing Shah Rukh Khan’s love interest in the recently released Jawan, Nayanthara left audiences and critics impressed with her performance. And it’s obvious for everyone to assume that the south sensation will be seen in more Bollywood projects. However, that might not really be the case, as we have learned from industry insiders that the actor-producer is not reading any scripts for now. In fact, she has not been happy post the release of Jawan, and it has got to do with the film’s director Atlee.

Nayanthara was recently seen in Jawaan.
Nayanthara was recently seen in Jawaan.

“She has been very upset with Atlee because her role was chopped in the film. Also, Deepika’s (Padukone) character was elevated and Nayantara’s part was significantly sidelined,” a source tells us.

Padukone is credited in the film as a special appearance, but many feel it didn’t really come across like that. “It was not a cameo at all. Jawan was almost made to look like an SRK-Deepika film. Nayanthara is the leading actor down south, and hence, she was not happy with the treatment of Jawan,” adds the source, adding, “And that can never well be the reason why we might not see her in a Bollywood project, at least not anytime soon.”

Could that also be a probable reason she did not attend any of the promotions, before or after the release of the film? She wasn’t even physically present at the recent success meet that happened in Mumbai last week that was attended by everyone including Vijay Sethupathi, who plays the antagonist.

The sources, however, clarifies that it’s not really the case: “Nayanthara never goes to the films events. She follows a no promotion policy for her films because of her bad experiences in the past when she was misquoted and because she feels that her job is to act and not get involved in the promotional activities.”

While Jawan’s path-breaking success has broken many records at the box office in the domestic as well as international market, experts note that it doesn’t necessarily mean it will translate into more projects of the same level for Nayanthara.

“Surely she is being appreciated, but there are no open discussions about any other Bollywood project as yet. As far as possibility of her taking over Bollywood space is concerned, we are not sure about that too,” a source explains, adding “The reason is that she is almost 40 and has crossed the age bracket that Bollywood has created. So, here in Bollywood, she can play character roles that justifies her age. In Jawan, she worked well because she was cast opposite Shah Rukh, who is a good match for her.”

While Nayanthara being in talks for several projects has been a point of discussion, there have also been speculations about her charging a hefty sum, as much as the top actors of Bollywood like Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone, for Jawan .“Her remuneration depends on the film and the people involved in it. It starts from 5 crore and goes as high as 10-12 crore, which is the highest any actress gets in South. And for this film as well, she charged around 10-11 crore, considering it was a pan-India project,” the source tells us.


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