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Kareena Kapoor may not be heading ‘bus pakad ke’ Hollywood, as she reiterated recently on Koffee with Karan Season 8. But the actor is surely experimenting with language, format and genre as she goes along. (Also Read: Koffee with Karan season 8: Kareena Kapoor owns that she’s ‘apni favourite’, but Alia Bhatt shies away)

Kareena Kapoor plays a detective in The Buckingham Murders
Kareena Kapoor plays a detective in The Buckingham Murders

Besides Rohit Shetty’s tentpole cop drama Singham Again and a heist comedy in The Crew, Kareena will also be seen as a detective in Hansal Mehta’s The Buckingham Murders. Filmed 80% in English and 20% in Hindi, the film inspired by Mare of Easttown, was recently screened at the BFI London Film Festival and the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.

In an exclusive interview, Kareena discusses this shift in her career, lending her voice to the titular character of Audible show Marvel’s Wastelanders: Black Widow, and if she’s ready to dive into the spy and cop universe. Excerpts:

Black Widow is a spy-assassin. Since spies and spy universes are all the rage right now, is this a genre you are excited to enter?

Black Widow is such an iconic and loved character. I’m excited that my first stint as a spy-assassin is as Black Widow.

Did Black Widow give you enough scope to perform action without actually getting your hands dirty?

Audio storytelling allows a unique and incredible new experience for entertainment lovers. It allows us to transport the audience to another world with the power of our storytelling and their imagination.

Marvel’s Wastelanders will be a unique experience for every person who hears it, and that’s such a powerful creative collaboration for me as an actor to have with the audience.

What did you learn the most about your voice while recording this show that you may not have realised in your acting career so far?

The ability to emote in front of a mic for many hours is something I had not imagined. To act in front of a mic and not on a camera was different. It was an enjoyable experience. As an actor, over the years, I have learnt to use my voice to set the pace of the character effectively.

Now that you and your husband Saif Ali Khan (Star Lord) have both played characters in Wastelanders, is there something you discussed that you’ve picked up as actors after this experience?

Saif and I discuss our character before we start shooting. Once we are done shooting, we don’t discuss it too much. However, this new format of storytelling, for me as an actor, has been a very enriching experience. It was an imaginative experience as an actor for me to play a character and be a character without being on screen and connecting with the listeners.

You recently had an English-language film that’s touring festivals. While you have maintained that you don’t want to venture into Hollywood, is this another step in the direction of bridging the gap between India and Hollywood?

I love Mare of Easttown and when Hansal Mehta approached me for The Buckingham Murders, I wanted to be part of it at once. It’s something I had not done before and was really excited and nervous to play this character. It’s not done with any intention to bridge any gap, but pure desire as an actor to do something different and reinvent one’s own self.

Now that you’ve kind of tasted action in this show, did you feel the temptation to pick up the gun and pack some punches along with the boys while filming Singham Again?

Who knows. Maybe I will do that. You will have to wait and watch.

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