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Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone are both key parts of the YRF Spy Universe. Now, in an interview with India Today, Katrina has picked who she thinks would win in a dream square-off between her Tiger 3 character Zoya and Rubai, Deepika Padukone’s spy character from Pathaan. (Also Read: Katrina Kaif reveals action director and father-in-law Sham Kaushal’s reaction to her fight scenes in Tiger 3)

Katrina Kaif in Tiger 3 and Deepika Padukone in Pathaan
Katrina Kaif in Tiger 3 and Deepika Padukone in Pathaan

What Katrina said

“See, let’s put it this way. I don’t know all the backstories, but Zoya to me seems the most experienced agent. So with experience comes more fighting experience. I leave it to you to decide,” said Katrina, who reprised her role of Pakistani spy Zoya in Tiger 3.

Pathaan or Kabir, the preferred sidekick?

Katrina was also asked to pick between Shah Rukh Khan’s titular character from Pathaan and Hrithik Roshan’s character Kabir from War as her sidekick. “This is a phenomenal film I’m doing, first of all, where Pathaan or Kabir is my sidekick! The wonderful thing about the Spy Universe is that all the characters are so well-written and have a strong identity of their own that you kind of can put any piece anywhere. Every piece fits beautifully. That’s in the strength of the characters,” Katrina said in the same interview.

Vaibhavi Merchant on Katrina vs Deepika

In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times when choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant was asked to distinguish between the dancing styles of Katrina and Deepika, she said, “Katrina comes from a place of anxiety. She wants to make sure she doesn’t disappoint anybody. Deepika came in as the completely opposite. She’s a quiet worker. She did her rehearsals silently. She does her homework. Katrina also does her homework, but she’s like, ‘Dekho, dekho, main apna homework karke aayi hu (See, see, I’ve done my homework).’ She needs a sign off from me on everything, including her costumes. Deepika worked on her costume herself. Katrina is that front bencher who’s a teacher’s pet. She’s very hands-on. Deepika is that mid-bencher who comes with a certain ease.”

Katrina and Deepika are likely to clash in the upcoming instalment of the YRF Spy Universe, Tiger vs Pathaan.

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