Malaika Arora: I had zero fear while going skydiving on my birthday


Malaika Arora, known for her fitness and adventurous spirit, celebrated her 48th birthday in a different way. Instead of partying her night through, the actor went for a skydiving adventure in Dubai. And she admits it was on her bucket list for long.

Malaika Arora on skydiving on 48th birthday
Malaika Arora on skydiving on 48th birthday

“Skydiving had long been on my bucket list. This year, I was eager to celebrate my 48th birthday in a thrilling manner, and I thought, why not tick this off my list on this occasion, so I made the choice to mark this milestone by taking a leap into the sky. A close friend recommended that I do this in Dubai, and that sealed the deal for me,” says the actor, who turned a year older last month.

While her trip to Dubai was with a group of girlfriends, none of them were up for the daring adventure, leading the 48-year-old to take the plunge solo. “I honestly had zero fear or worries in my mind while doing the dive; that’s also because it’s a part of my personality. I love embracing new experiences and never hold back,” she confesses, adding, “While I was eagerly waiting for my turn to dive, the instructor preparing me on the plane was amazed that my pulse remained remarkably steady for someone on the verge of leaping from a plane.”

Describing the experience as undeniably one of the most exhilarating moments in her life, she recounts the freefall and tells us, “The ascent in the plane followed by the breathtaking freefall during the tandem dive left me speechless, quite literally. The instant you leap from the plane, your mind momentarily blanks out, overwhelmed by the sights and sensations, not to mention the intense cold at that altitude. It takes a few seconds to regain your focus and enjoy the sensation of soaring high above the world.”

Amidst the adrenaline rush, Arora couldn’t help but think about the camera capturing her jump. “Then, the thought crossed my mind that my jump was being captured on camera, and I couldn’t help but want to look good in the photos (laughs). I was consciously reminding myself not to have open-mouthed or closed-eyed shots. While enjoying the moment, I was also trying to give my best poses for the camera.”

“I truly believe that in life, it’s so important to conquer certain fears or challenge yourself with things you never thought you could do. Pushing through these challenges leaves you with incredible memories that will last a lifetime,” she ends.


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