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A cat’s interaction with her kitten has reminded people that maternal love transcends species. In a video posted on Reddit, a mama cat is seen comforting her kitten who is twitching in its sleep.

The image shows the mama cat with her newborn. (Reddit/@vladgrinch)
The image shows the mama cat with her newborn. (Reddit/@vladgrinch)

“Proud mom and her little precious angel!” reads the caption posted along with the video. The clip opens to show the mama cat lying on a bed with her kitten beside her. At first, the cat looks at the camera and then at her baby, as if trying to show off the newborn.

After a few moments, the little one starts twitching, and the mama cat reacts instantly. She gently places her paw on the kitten to comfort her. She keeps doing that until the kitten stops twitching and goes back to sleep peacefully.

Take a look at this video of a mama cat and her baby:

The video was shared two days ago. Since then, it has collected nearly 17,000 upvotes. The video has also accumulated tons of comments from people. While some extended their wishes for the mama and her kid, a few wrote that the video was too cute to handle.

How did Reddit users react to this video of the mama cat and her baby?

“The little nightmare wiggles and the consoling paw,” commented a Reddit user. “Adorable baby. The kitten is a great size for newborns,” expressed another. “Oh so adorable. I want to squeeze and just kiss that cute baby,” posted a third.

“Awww I can’t tell who’s cuter! The baby’s tum is probably so warm and soft and look at the beautiful mom’s face. Absolutely precious,” shared a fourth. “My head just exploded with cuteness overload,” wrote a fifth.

What are your thoughts on the video of the mama cat helping her little one? Did the video leave you with a smile?

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