Michele Morrone: Not thinking about working in Bollywood at the moment

Michele Morrone, who gained fame after his performance in erotic thriller 365 Days, made his India debut last year, leading to speculations around his entry in Hindi film industry. However, the Italian actor and singer clarifies that Bollywood has to wait for now.

Michele Morrone gained fame after his performance in erotic thriller 365 Day
Michele Morrone gained fame after his performance in erotic thriller 365 Day

After gaining global prominence, Morrone took the musical route to make his Indian debut alongside Bollywood star Jacqueliene Fernandez with the music video Mud Mud Ke. It led to a buzz that he is sieving through several scripts to find his film debut vehicle.

Now, he reveals that he has slowed down his acting career to focus on creating new music.

“At the moment, I am focusing a lot on music, and it will continue to be the case for a certain period. After that, I will start shooting for my acting projects. Until then, my focus is on focusing on a lot of music and working in the studio,” says Morrone, who has released his second album, Double, which is a follow-up to the debut album Dark Room.

The 33-year-old adds, “ In fact, I have got so many other projects at the moment, so I’m not really thinking about working in Bollywood because I’m very busy”.

Talking about his debut video, the actor-singer shares, “I hope people in India liked the video. However, I didn’t do a full-fledged son in India, just a video clip”.

Morrone confesses he has always admired India for its diversity, and really wants to explore the country to experience it.

“It has always been a dream to come to India because it’s such a big and huge country. I have always been fascinated by the colours of India, and by the culture of India. I am aware of the love that I get from the Indian fans, who are very emotional and passionate about my work. I feel blessed about it, and can’t wait to come to India and experience it,” says Morrone.

Here, he admits his music is his way to return the love he gets from his fans, and that stands true with Double through which he faced his inner fears and vulnerable moments.

“With the album, Indian fans can expect fresh music and new concepts. Wth Dark Room, I was very immature with music. Over these years, I’ve learned a lot through my experience in music. Now, I know what I want from music more than before. With Dark Room, I was experimenting, and with Double, I know what I want and my path, and it reflects in the music,” he ends.

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