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YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast took to X to share a special message for his Indian fans ahead of starting a ‘sub race’ with T-Series. The famous content creator is on a mission to get more subscribers than the Indian music company to become the ‘most subscribed’ channel on YouTube.

MrBeast's post on T-Series has gone viral. (Instagram/@mrbeast)
MrBeast’s post on T-Series has gone viral. (Instagram/@mrbeast)

What is MrBeast’s message for his Indian fans?

“With the upcoming sub-race with T-Series, I just want to make clear I love my fans from India and this has nothing to do with countries, I just want to be #1 most subscribed haha,” MrBeast wrote. He also shared two screenshots showing total subscribers on YouTube for him and T-Series.

T-Series Vs MrBeast:

According to a report by Forbes, T-Series, an Indian record label and film production company, has 253 million subscribers. The company topped the list of most subscribed YouTube channels in the world in 2023. As for MrBeast, he is in the second spot with 210 million subscribers.

T-Series started its journey in 1983 and joined YouTube in 2006. Till now, over 19,000 music videos, movie trailers, and interviews have been shared on the channel. MrBeast joined YouTube in 2012 and has since posted over 700 videos. He often shares interesting videos to captivate his dedicated fan base.

Take a look at this tweet by MrBeast:

The post was shared a few hours ago. Since then, the post has gone viral. Till now, the tweet has accumulated nearly 8.7 million views, and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also prompted people to post varied comments.

How did X users react to MrBeast’s tweet?

“The fact 40m to you is a ‘race’ genuinely shows how you’re built for this YouTube life,” posted an X user. “Anyway when you cross them, we will continue to watch your videos and listen to T-Series music. Win-win for both,” added another. “The difference in videos posted on both channels is insane,” joined a third. “T Series is way ahead, well done MrBeast,” wrote a fourth.


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