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A moment of an interaction between a human and an underwater creature was shared on social media. A video of the moment shows a woman swimming extremely close to an octopus.

The image shows a woman and an octopus swimming close to each other. (Instagram/@zanzibar_mermaid)
The image shows a woman and an octopus swimming close to each other. (Instagram/@zanzibar_mermaid)

A blogger, who goes by zanzibar_mermaid on Instagram, shared the video. Her bio says she is also a certified freediver. “Did you know that octopuses have 3 hearts, 9 brains and blue blood?” she wrote as she shared the video.

The clip opens to show the blue underwater world with an octopus swimming around. The woman is seen swimming right beside the aquatic animal and recording it. What is incredible about this is how the octopus allows the woman to swim near it without reacting.

Take a look at this amazing underwater video:

The video was shared earlier this month. Since then, it has accumulated nearly 2.7 lakh views. The post has further gathered more than 14,000 likes. People posted varied comments while reacting to the video.

Here’s how Instagram users react to this video of the octopus:

“Curious why this octopus is so high in the water column? They’re almost always hiding in a den,” asked an Instagram user. To which, the blogger replied, “Thank you for your comment. They don’t always hide, and I saw them swimming freely several times around Zanzibar waters. Also, I once saw an octopus sitting on a sandy beach, not far from the water (this was during the pandemic and there were no people on the beach, maybe that’s why it felt so calm). By the way, there is a wonderful documentary: ‘My Octopus Teacher’ that I recommend, it shows how this intelligent creature formed a friendship with a diver on regular visits.”

“This is spectacular,” added another. “Omg! This is so beautiful,” joined a third. “The way that octopus accepted you is beautiful,” wrote a fifth.


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